Radiate Positivity

This is my first post. Please like and don’t be silent readers! Hope you like it. 


Had a provoking day? What’s the first thing that came in your mind when you woke up today? What is the first thought that usually comes in your mind when you wake up? If it is “Oh Gods! One more day to go through”, then that thought definitely needs to be changed.

So you see, your day is reflection of your moods. If you choose to make your mood sour, then don’t expect the day to bring you flowers. You can’t give deprive and anticipate getting showers of content at the same time!

it is proven that when you think your day is going to be great, and trust me when I say this, you it won’t be otherwise. If you think that all the bad things aren’t going to affect you, they won’t even be able to tease a strand of your hair.  

No matter how bad it will go, you should always try to be in a merry mood. If you aren’t jocolar and blithe, you will feel that everything around you is falling apart. You will think that everything good in the world is coming to an end.

An ultimate solution: Just chin up and roll an indifferent shoulder to those difficulties and tackle them like you rule the world. Think of all the good things and block out those naive negligible negatives, cancelling them out.

Think like a proton, and stay positive.


35 thoughts on “Radiate Positivity”

  1. Very nice post bhavti…. I always believe…
    Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.

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  2. Welcome Bhavti to the blogging world, first blog really inspiring, nicely written & conveyed the message very clearly, waiting for many more blog to come. All the best for your future blog.

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  3. It’s called power of positive thinking. When you wake up or sleep tell thanks to God and everyone next morning automatically you wake up with positive attitude.

    Happy to read your blog. It’s wonderful particularly at this age.

    Congratulations for your first blog and keep going on.

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  4. hi my sweatheart really nice one..the morning i wakeup i shud get recharged of such great positive thoughts
    the God has given us great things…nice article please keep it up…i was knowing you as small little girl i dont know how the time is flying at jet speed and u became little girl to a writter
    all the best to you

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  5. Hi bhavti……. My Super malti telented girl. I m very glad by read your superb msg & it is really inspired me to be very positive in morning. Congrats for your first successful blog. Love u lot & god bless u…….🎩

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    1. Thx for readiting it! Means a lot to me! Well, from my experience, what i had say is everyone can have atleast one thing different to say even on one of the smallest things… so maybe that’s why are views are different…

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