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Expectations – The Disrupting Disaster to Gratification

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

Well, there is a lot to say about this, making me wonder from where to begin.

You, me, everyone has expectations. We all expect something from everyone. From our friends, we expect fun and jolly time. Fro our parents, we expect support. From our boyfriend/girlfriend we expect loyalty. From the younger ones, we expect respect. and from our enemies, we expect distance.

Not do we only expect things from everyone but every thing too. From every person and thing we expect something. And from our hard work, we expect the best results.

It isn’t that you shouldn’t expect something when you have done so much. It’s just that if you don’t expect you won’t ever be disappointed, even though it’s very difficult not to expect. We always think that when we put input to our 100%, we will get 100% output. But that isn’t how it works. If you have studied physics, you will know that you never get 100% output and that the efficiency is never 1.

Once, you start becoming mature, you come to an understanding that things don’t always turn out how we expect the to and they don’t always go according to what we want. There will always be flaws in our plans for the perfect result. We always aim for something perfect, but while we are at it we always forget that nothing could ever be perfect. The imperfections are something that makes a man more perfect (If you are getting what I am saying).

If you are making plans, enjoy the process. If you are studying, don’t start thinking about your marks. Just absorb all the information. When you are making a presentation for our company, don’t let your focus be whether the deal will happen or not, but think about what will make them agree. It doesn’t matter at the end if you can’t fetch the deal, but it will definitely matter when you won’t be able to give our 100%.

Output is not your outlook. It will happen according to fate and your work. Just enjoy the journey while you are at it, don’t think constantly about your destination while you are at your journey. Frolic the PROCESS, don’t anticipate the RESULT. It will give you nothing at the end and definitely leave you unsatisfied. It won’t be easy to do so, but with time, you will make your expectations smaller when you focus on doing so.


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The Little Magicians


When all the things in this little world of ours fails to lighten you up and cheer you, there is one more thing – a friend.

Friends are the magicians in our life, that perform miracles like tolerating your madness. They perform the miracle of making you smile just by their presence. No matter what happens, they will always keep performing such small miracles that will help you get through the day.

My friends have always been with me, no matter what. A true friend will never leave you when sadness and unfortunate happening loom over you, but they will be there, to drag your lazy self through that tornado, with that shoulder of theirs as a walking cane. That shoulder is a reserved place for crying whenever you feel like doing it, and making their shirts wet with tears.

When you need a handkerchief they will give you one. When you feel that you are doomed, they are the ne to bring you in light. They are your supporters, parents  (I have to be for my friends since most of them are not mature enough and do rash stuff), helpers, advicers (Again, I am the one who everyone asks for some advises), financers (you know, whrn most of the times, you have to pay for their food and they never pay you back?) And last but not the least, life savers (You wouldn’t be living without them, now, would you?)

My message is just don’t take them for granted. They love you and will do everything in their reach for you. Another thing, if you feel something bad about them, tell them on their face. If they come to know what you feel bad about them from others, they will feel extremely hurt. You will always find flaws in everyone. But that is what makes the people what they are. Wouldn’t the world be bland with only perfectionists existing?

There is nothing to be more priced than true friendship

-Thomas Aquinas